* Sweet Creations* by Happy Baker Delights

Welcome to

Custom-designed cakes and tasty treats for you and your loved ones!

If you have a party to celebrate or thinking of a gift for your loved ones,
Happy Baker Delights is a place to go.

I design and create homemade beautiful cakes and delicious sweets at very reasonable prices.

My sweet creations (cakes, cupcakes, cookies and goodies) are made from the finest ingredients and without added preservatives to give you the best quality cakes and pastries that are freshly bake from the oven.

Below are the sample cakes.

Please visit and like my facebook page to see the gallery of my cake creations.

Available Flavors

Vanilla Choco Chips * Chocolate * Carrot * Banana * Strawberry
*Apple * Blueberry * Red Velvet

Best Sellers are my chocolate cake and red velvet cake

Available Premium Cakes

Sans Rival * Black Forrest * Lemon Butter * Tiramisu * Opera * French Macaroons * Queen of Sheba * Cappucino Caramel * Cheesecake

Order Instructions

For custom design cakes: Please place your order at least 1- 2 weeks in advance to allow us to plan the perfect cake for your occasion.

For rush cakes: You can place your order at least 2 days in advance.

Note: Preferably, I can only take orders within the Sultanate of Oman

For more inquiries

You can message me on Facebook or
send an email me at riah_e@yahoo.com
You may also call or text me at (0968) 964-96533
and I will be glad to answer you back.

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